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  1. In fact, in our testing of dozens of of 9mm rounds (see our 9mm Luger page, then scroll to bottom), the fastest round was 1,250 fps. Not bad at all, but it seems sluggish compared to the 5.7x28mm. The Federal Premium 5.7 TMJ rounds that we discussed above have a manufacturer reported muzzle velocity of 2,250 fps
  2. The 5.7×28 has more than double the 9mm's muzzle velocity — not only because it generates a higher chamber pressure, but also because its bullet weighs three quarters less. This conveys a flatter trajectory, and gives its lightweight bullet enough power to deliver more energy than the 9mm while it's at it
  3. While standard 5.7x28mm ammunition will indeed be faster than standard pressure 115, 124 and 147-grain 9mm loads, there are other 9mm loads to consider. For example, MagSafe's 9mm 50-grain Mini-Glock load averaged a blistering 2,242 fps from my old Walther P1
  4. Enjoy a fun, and only marginally scientific, comparison between the 5.7x28mm and 9mm. This video is full of shooting footage between the FN Five-seveN, and.
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I like the 5.7x28mm and the FN firearms designed to fire it. They are interesting firearms, but they are designed for military purposes- i.e. penetrating military body armor. Generally, you will not need that capability for HD, and the 9mm would provide a better all-around home defense capability. If you want something more powerful for HD. The 5.7 is a 31 +/- grain projectile at aproximatey 2000 to 2200 feet per second. The 9 mm Luger (9x19 - 9 mm parabellum - etc) is a 115 grain or 124 grain at 1100 to 1200 feet per second. So looking at the lethal ballistics you are getting a projectile weighing aproximately 4 times as much going over half as fast 5.7 is a 40 grain bullet with about 250 ft/lbs of energy. 9mm is a 124 grain bullet with 450 ft/lbs of energy. in semi-auto a 9mm rifle can be fired accurately as fast as you can pull the trigger, so lower recoiling 5.7 is of no use. You want a 9mm, or maybe a.223 if you are looking at a rifle (1,200 ft/lbs!). 16 level While the 40-grain Sporting load is adequate for self-defense — with performance in ballistic medium similar to that of the 9mm — the 5.7×28 is most effective when topped by a 27-grain bullet. That is what the 5.7 was originally designed to launch Additionally, in the Spring 2000 edition of the Journal of the International Wound Ballistics Association this report was published in its entireity along with data that supported the assessment that the wound capability of the 5.7x28 SS190 is approximately 40 percent that of a 9mm 124 grain FMJ fired from a Glock 19, with appreciably smaller wound size, penetration depth, wound channel diameter and soft tissue volume displacement

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The 5.7×28mm cartridge weighs 6.0 grams (93 grains)—roughly two-thirds as much as a typical 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge—making extra ammunition less burdensome, or allowing more ammunition to be carried for the same weight Hence the 5.7 ammunition, I found with the low recoil and high accuracy, falls into that category perfectly. Yes, in a perfect world I think we would all like the one shot one kill in self defense, but realistically, when these situations occur there are always unforeseen factors, and barriers that you are not ready for. Not to mention the 5.7 is an outstanding kevlar penetrator. I would sacrifice a little Knock down power for solid accuracy during sustained fire 5.7x28 ammo vs 9mm, 5.7x28 vs 9mm, 5.7x28mm supposed to replace 9mm, 5.7x28mm vs 9mm, 7.62mm compared to 9mm rounds, 9mm vs 5.7, fn 5.7 vs 9mm, how many what's the caliber of a 5.7 mm bullet. Click on a term to search for related topics. Thread Tools: Search this Thread: Show Printable Version . Email this Page. Search this Thread: Advanced Search. Display Modes: Linear Mode. Switch to Hybrid.

Well I can only give you a elementary assessment as I haven't fired either yet. However they are both high velocity cartridges with the tokarev being heavier and slower but more powerful and the 5.7 being the opposite. I put both standard rounds t.. Tags: 5.7, 5.7x28, Five Seven, Ruger-57, vs. the 5.7x28mm. Therefore, I would expect the 4.6mm to be the superior armor defeater, with the 5.7mm having less poor terminal effects. Even with the extreme velocity advantage over the 9mm, the 5.7 delivers much less energy. It's pretty easy to do the energy math ourselves without even consulting the energy chart below. The 5.7 moves twice as.

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Myth Busting: .22 Magnum vs. 5.7x28mm. Posted November 23, 2009 in Ammunition, Pistols by Steve Johnson with 118 Comments Tags: .22 wmr, 22 magnum, 5.7x28mm, Ammunition, FiveseveN, fn, handgun, handguns, Kel-Tec, PMR-30. Inevitably, Kel-Tec's new .22 Magnum (WMR) chambered PMR-30 pistol will be compared to the FN Five-seveN pistol which fires the ballistically similar 5.7x28mm cartridge. If. Tags: 5.7x28, 5.7x28mm, armor, body armor. Every time the 5.7x28mm cartridge comes up in a discussion, you always hear someone talk about its ability to penetrate a row of Abrams tanks and then continue on into the next county, but there is not a lot of information out there to prove the manufacturer's incredible claims about the round's ability to penetrate armor. Of course the commonly. And it CAN'T use many of the projectiles the 5.7x28 uses due to the maximum cartridge length Try and walk into your local gun store and find a box of 22 TCM . Posted: 1/15/2017 2:14:13 AM EDT Quote History. Quoted: Im stating that the tcm apparently runs at higher velocities than the hk 4.6 and 5.7. So if the tcm runs at higher velocities and since it has the same bullet diameter as the 5.7. The 5.7x28 is a relatively new round, compared to the 9mm and .45acp. One of the features of the 5.7x28 is the ability to defeat ballistic armor, even at longer distances, using what is called SS190 rounds (steel core.) The .45acp and the 9mm weren't designed with that purpose in mind, although if you're close enough with a hot load and a FMJ round, you can probably defeat ballistic armor with.

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Finally, that the 9mm was fired last does not necessarily mean it was the most deadly shot. Lots of details are missing from this and I get sick and tired of anything that starts with the word buddy. I'll give you another buddy story. A guy came into work and said his brother had told him this story: (brother had 2 bad addicitons: ciggs and alcohol); so he goes to a doctor because he tried to quit both and got sick and the doctor told him he'd better pick up at least one of those bad. Saying that 5.7x28 is ineffective based on SS190 performance is like saying .38 Special is ineffective based on .38 solid lead round nosed bullets. The 5.7 wasn't designed as a 'bad breath range' weapon; and if I were a tanker, cyclist, convoy driver, radioman or whoever else the PDW was designed for, I'd much rather hit someone 50-200yards away with a lightweight .22 than miss with a 9mm OR a. 5 7x28 vs 9mm If spaced out, I wander how many layers if would penetrate (multiple rooms)Great posts, now of course I want to see them with a Five-Seven Pistol! The Five Seven both the pistol and the caliber is special forces

History Development. The Five-seveN pistol and its 5.7×28mm ammunition were developed by FN Herstal in response to NATO requests for a replacement for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge and associated pistols and submachine guns. NATO called for two types of weapons chambered for a new cartridge—one a shoulder-fired weapon, and the other a handheld weapon the common 9x19mm is a considerably more powerful cartridge than the 5.7x28mm when fired from pistol length barrels. This will surprise no one familiar with firearms or who has a passing familiarity with external ballistics. In reality, because the 9x19 fires a heavier bullet with far greater cross-sectiona

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Philly man pleads not guilty to straw purchase of gun that killed officer Brad Fox - 45-caliber ACP, a Remington 750 30-06 rifle and the Beretta pistol used. Three of the nine weapons, including a Beretta 92FS 9 mm pistol and a Fabrique Nationale 57 5.7X28 pistol, were allegedly. The 45acp 230 Grain FMJ Made [ There's a Glock conversion kit that fires the 22tcm9r variant (the bullet is slightly smaller allowing it to fit in 9mm magazines rather than 38 super, same brass and ballistic performance), haven't tried it but there is an AR upper chambered for it here otherwise you are limited to the various double and single stack RIA 1911 and the tangfolio witness/MAP(P) pistols and the RIA bolt action. FAE5728A American Eagle 5.7x28 40gr Speer TMJ Ammunition $23.95 / 50 FAE5728A American Eagle 5.7x28 40gr Speer TMJ Ammunition $23.95 / 50American Eagle 5.7x28 40gr Speer TMJ Ammunition 1=50 Manufacturer: FederalStock Number: FAE5728AInventory Status: IN STOCK . $23.95. Posted 6 years 9 months ago. By: wayof9. 23.95/50.00 . Store: wideners. Other Deals On 5.7x28 Ammo. 5.7x28mm - 40 gr TMJ.

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Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear Galco Black Concealment Hoslter For FN Herstal 5.7x28 $ 107.20 (1) Galco Havana Brown Concealment Holster For FN Herstal 5.7x28 $ 107.20 (3) FN HERSTAL 3868929354 Five-seveN 5.7x28mm 4.80 2x 20+1. OUT OF STOCK (0) FN Herstal 30 Round 5.7MM X 28MM PS90 Magazine w/Blue Finish $ 39.00 (6) FN Herstal 50 Round Black Magazine For Model P90 $ 39.00. $1.90 PPR (9) FN 5.7mmX28mm 40gr V-Max 50rd box. For hunting/sporting the 5.7x28 is better on varmints at both close and long range - it does not tear up the hides like the 223 Remington does. Basically - the 5.7x28mm is a like having a semi-auto 22 Hornet. Everything you would wanna use the 22 Hornet for - the 5.7x28 would be great at. Keep in mind - this caliber is designed to replace the 5.56mm as the new NATO caliber in Europe. NATO is.

DUE TO HEAVIER THAN NORMAL ORDER VOLUMES PLEASE EXPECT 5-7 DAY SHIPPING DELAYS. Ammunition. Bulk. Bulk 9mm; Bulk 223/556; Tactical Sling Packs; Prepper Ammo; Battle Packs; Bulk 380 ACP; Bulk 45 ACP; Bulk 22 LR; Bulk 308/762 ; Bulk 7.62x39; Bulk Pistol; Bulk Rifle; Bulk Shotgun; Pistol. 9mm; 380 ACP; 45 ACP; 40 S&W; 38 Special; 357 Magnum; 44 Magnum; 5.7x28mm; 10mm; 25 ACP; 32 ACP; 32 S&W Long. 5.7x28 (23) 6.5 Creedmoor (2) 6.5 Grendel (6) 7.5 (2) 7.62x25 (12) 7.62x38R (1) 7.62x39 (70) 9mm (1689) 9x18 (11) Multi (19) Action. Double Action (2) Semi Automatic (14) Single Action (7) Barrel Length. 4.00in to 4.99in (11) 5.00in to 5.99in (7) 8.00in to 8.99in (5) Condition. New (23) Our best sales and surplus - direct to your inbox! Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new.

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Before we get into the details behind the new CMMG Mk57 Banshee chambered in 5.7x28 mm, put on your wayback cap. Go all the way back to January 2018. SHOT Show, to be specific.Walking the show. 9mm vs 45 ACP Ballistics. Before we go much further, we should discuss 9mm vs 45 ballistics, and more importantly, what that information means for you. 9mm Ballistics. An average muzzle velocity of 9mm ammunition, that being the energy the bullet leaves the barrel with, is around 1,200 feet per second (commonly abbreviated as fps or ft/s). This.

5.7x28 for sale and auction. Buy a 5.7x28 online. Sell your 5.7x28 for FREE today on GunsAmerica Shop for cheap price 5 7x28 Ammo Vs 9mm And 9mm 183 Gr Mauser Sport Rifle Ammo .Compare Price and Options of 5 7x28 Ammo Vs 9mm And 9mm 183 Gr Mauser Sport Rifle Ammo from variety stores in usa. 2016 Deal. 5 7x28 Ammo Vs 9mm And 9mm 183 Gr Mauser Sport Rifle Ammo BY 5 7x28 Ammo Vs 9mm And 9mm 183 Gr Mauser Sport Rifle Ammo in Articles Shop for cheap price 5 7x28 Ammo Vs 9mm And 9mm 183 Gr. 5.7x28 Rifles (13 Products) Filter By . Sort By: 13 Item(s) Show. per page . FN America PS90 Law Enforcement Edition 16 Barrel 5.7X28 50rd Magazine - FABGLAW3848950463. Out of stock View Details » View Details » CMMG 57A3F51 Resolute 200 MK57 16.1.

They haven't done their research when it comes to terminal ballistics. They buy into the hype concerning the 5.7x28 round's armor-piercing capabilities. 7.62x25 Tokarev and certain high velocity 9mm rounds will penetrate certain forms of body armor easily. The 5.7x28 is by no means unique in this regard As only two (technically 3), very expensive guns fire the 5.7x28 round, the Five Seven and P90 (and the uncommon AR-57), it is not even close to being as plentiful as 9mm or .45acp, meaning cost per round goes up. 5.7x28mm rounds are usually double to triple the price of 9mm, depending on whether you buy them in bulk or not. And that is if they are even in stock. If you chose to try and lower the cost by loading the rounds yourself, you are going to pay extra for equipment and supplies. The P50 is a unique looking pistol chambered in the 5.7×28mm cartridge and uses genuine FN P90 magazines, although in the P50 the magazines feed upside down! The KelTec P50 pistol will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2021 and will be sold for $995 MSRP. Full details below: Introducing the New P50 5.7x28mm Pistol from KelTe It's a little more powerful than the .22 Magnum rimfire and a little less powerful than the .22 Hornet. .22 magnum 30 grain bullet, 2300 ft per second, 322 ft-lb of energy 5.7X28 31 grain bullet, 2350 ft per second, 394 ft-lb of energy .22 Hornet.

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5.7x28 L191 - Armor Peircing Tracer > Likely similar to SS190 but a tracer. 5.7x28mm R37.F - Fragmenting Copper Hollow Point > Basically 5.7 RIP, produced by R&R Weapon Systems. 5.7x28 R37.X - Expanding Copper Hollow Point > Produced by R&R Weapon Systems. 5.7x28 SB193 - Full Metal Jacket, Subsonic . 5.7x28 SS190 - Full Metal Jacket > Despite FMJ moniker, the round performs similar to an AP. That's still 272 ft/lbs as opposed to 139 ft/lbs for the .22 Magnum. But I have seen other 5.7mm loadings that have even lower muzzle velocity than the SS197SR round, but there are also loadings of 5.7mm that are hotter too. In terms of overall capability, I think Steve is correct to point out the 5.7x28mm outperforms the .22 Magnum. It's only in considerably neutered loadings does the 5.7x28mm come down close to the .22 WMR Seems that 5.7x28mm is more-or-less a straight-sided case with almost no taper, and there is some sort of low-friction coating on the cases to allow extraction. After a few loadings, and tumblings , this coating is rubbed off and the cases stick. So both 5.7×28, and .22 WMR can both be essentially considered non-re-loadable While I absolutely love shooting my Five seveN (it is loud and has basically zero recoil), in my opinion it is currently not a good self defense round primarily because you'll have an absolute hell of a time finding 5.7x28mm in ANYTHING other than FMJ. And yes, the round is designed to tumble, but for non-combat self defense, I'd much rather be carrying some hollow points

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Despite its slightly awkward looks, the sub-$300 Diamondback DB9 is just 4-inches high and weighs 13.4-ounces, which puts it and the Kel-Tec PF-9 in the same club of being about the only pocketable 9mm pistols on the concealed carry market. Reliable, it makes a good companion for trips to the gym or corner store On paper, the 5.7x28 mm FN cartridge is something of an oddball choice for a handgun chambering. Introduced by FN in the early 1990s, it's essentially a miniaturized 5.56x45 mm NATO rifle round. VW Caddy Maxi Life 1.9 TDI DSG (DPF) 5 Innenraum-Variabilität Weder die zweite, noch die dritte Sitzreihe sind längs verschiebbar. Immerhin lässt sich die dritte Reihe bei Nichtbedarf herausnehmen. KOMFORT Federung Bei flotter Fahrt halten sich die Aufbaubewegungen in Grenzen, die Seitenneigung ist aber ausgeprägt und auch Nicken beim Anfahren und Bremsen ist deutlich wahrnehmbar. Die.

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Before this starts into another huge debate and joins the other 5.7x28 locked threads, I will add my opinion. After all the research I have read and seen I think this caliber is more than enough for carry. It may not be the most powerful but this round will create a large wound cavity compared to it's size. It's the 5.56 of the handgun world in a sense when 5.56 was first being issued to the military. Looked down upon because of it's small size when in reality it's a decent round on flesh With the little 5.7 round, you could probably make a blowback auto cheaper than a bolt gun. And given equal barrels, it would probably be just as accurate over the effective range of the 5.7X28. Plus, one of the big advantages of the 5.7 over rimfire rounds is reloading, and the word on the street says that the 5.7X28 is a PITA to handload It's not even a COMMON scenario in present day. If they were developing an extremely high-pressure weapon and ammunition to cram a 230g 9mm round into a case the length of a .380 ACP, for serious CQB, I could understand that. That would be a major materials and technology advance and a huge firepower advantage for entry teams and HSLD folks I have seen PS90s going for that price. Given the choice, I would get the PS90 before I got the FiveSeven (actually that is exactly what I did). You can get 5.7x28 for around $0.70 a round, not cheap, but hardly the most expensive ammo around. The PS90 is about the most perfect home defense weapon I have ever handled. It is light, compact, easily operated one handed (important so you can open/close doors, carry a loved one etc). The tri-rail means you can have a weapon light and a low light. 5.7x28 is lighter and faster than 9mm ammo. We actually have an in-depth look at how these calibers stack up. Check out this We actually have an in-depth look at how these calibers stack up. Check out this 5.7x28 vs. 9mm comparison here at the AmmunitionToGo.com Lodge

The 5.7 x 28 cartridge was developed in response to NATO requests for a replacement for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge. NATO subsequently recommended the 5.7×28mm cartridge, citing superior performance in testing, but the German delegation objected, principally because of domestic manufacturers not producing weapons in 5.7x28 caliber fnh 17.03.2021 5,7x28 mm nun NATO-Standardkaliber - das sollten Sie zum Kaliber von FN Herstal und dessen Bedeutung wissen Eine Neuigkeit, die sicherlich zur EnforceTac im Rahmen der IWA OutdoorClassics 2021 bekanntgegeben worden wäre: Das pfeilschnelle Subkaliber 5,7x28 mm des belgischen Rüstungskonzerns Fabrique Nationale (FN) Herstal wurde kürzlich als NATO-Standardpatrone klassifiziert

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5.7x28 FN Barrel: 5 Twist: 1-9 Primer: WIN WSR or WSP Bullet Diameter .224 No.5 35 HDY V-MAX FB 6.0 1,955 6.7 2,100 45,500 1.49 History Development. The P90 and its 5.7×28mm ammunition were developed by FN Herstal in response to NATO requests for a replacement for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge and associated pistols and submachine guns. NATO called for two types of weapons chambered for a new cartridge—one a shoulder-fired weapon, and the other a handheld weapon BUL SEAT DIE 5.7X28 PARTS (4) BUL SEAT DIE 50 AE PARTS (3) BUL SEAT DIE 500S&W/50BEO PARTS (4) BUL SEAT DIE 9MM LUG PARTS (4) BUL SEAT DIE 9MM MAK PARTS (4) Lee Bottle Neck Pistol Factory Crimp Die. Lee Bottle Neck Pistol Factory Crimp Die (Category) F CMP DI 30 MAU 7.62 TOK PARTS (4) FACT CMP 5.7X28 FN PARTS (4) FACT CMP DI 30 LUGER PARTS (4) FACT CMP DIE 22 TCM PARTS (4) FACT CMP DIE 400. polygonal rifling will take you to the newest part of our site, documenting performance comparisons between polygonal and traditionally rifled barrels in 9mm. Real world guns will take you to a comprehensive list of all the firearms we used as 'benchmark' comparisons for results obtained from our T/C Encore test platform. You'll also see review listed after a number of the guns, which will take you to a review of that particular gun (or a closely related model) over at Guns.com written by. Underwood Ammo delivers top quality ammunition for handguns and rifles for hunting and self-defens

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Tags: 5.7x28, GunFest 2021, Kel-Tec, P50, TFBTV In this special #GunFest2021 episode of TFBTV , James Reeves discusses the Kel-Tec P50, a 5.7 caliber pistol/carbine, with Chad Enos of Kel-Tec. James and Chad discuss the features, cost, and release date, as well as the specs of this innovative new platform Im ROHOF Online-Shop finden Sie eine große Auswahl an Ruger Pistolen wie die Ruger Mark 4 Hunter und Target, Ruger SR 22, Ruger 22/45 und viele weitere Pistolen The 9.5-inch barrel should also provide very similar ballistics to the FN P90's 10-inch barrel, all while remaining in pistol form. In regards to any future plans to make a braced, or short-barreled rifle (SBR) version of the P50, KelTec has decided that for the present, they won't be offering any other accessories or braces. However, they explained that they worked out a quick brace.

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s&b 9mm luger fmj 124grs schÜttpackung 250stk . auf lager: 199. 53,75 € sale! vorschau kal 4 fallschirmpatrone mit... kal 4 fallschirmpatrone mit papphÜlse . auf lager: 183. 14,90 € vorschau pyro knallpatrone bird... pyro knallpatrone bird banger 15 mm 50 stk . auf lager: 162. 24,90 € vorschau umarex cobra spitzkopf... umarex cobra spitzkopf diabolo geriffelt 5,5mm 1,02g 200 stk. 5.7x28 vs 22tcm. Close. 5. Posted by u/[deleted] 3 years ago. Archived. 5.7x28 vs 22tcm. I had some time ago a pmr 30 which was terrifically fun to shoot aside from the constant jamming. I especially liked the very low recoil. I'd like something like that (but without the jamming!) so I'm looking at the FN 5.7 and the 22TCM. It looks like the FN is closer in style and weight to the PMR30. Is. Savage 5.7x28 Rifle For Sale . 5.7x28 Vs 9mm Ballistics. 5.7x28 Vs 9mm . 5.7x28 Handguns Manufacturers . 5.7 X 28 Pistol For Sale . 5 7x28 Ammo Ballistics. Guns Chambered In 5.7x28 . Fn 5.7x28 Pistol Ballistic Char It was a 2 or 3 7 shot revolver chambered in 5.7x28. Can't find anything else about it. Retail was about $500. Anyone got any more info? the only information I've seen in the past 2 years is that Taurus is making 9mm and a few 45acp and 40 cal pistols, and that's it. We are well past the days of a multitude of calibers of guns that they mass produce. NRA and TSRA member, and proud Texas. The Action 4.6×30mm Law Enforcement cartridge weighs 6.5 g and is loaded with a 2-g CuZn-alloy solid hollow point projectile that achieves 700 m/s (2,300 ft/s) muzzle velocity. The cartridge is designed for the MP7. This ammunition is optimized for energy transfer in soft targets and should offer decent penetration performance on hard and combined targets like car doors or glass and body armor

on target shooter nz: BOTTLENECK Pistol Cartridges & 7Armscor's New TCM 9R Ammunition Designed For 9mmArmscor 22 TCM Defeats Level II Body Armor with ease! | Doovi

The .45s mushroomed to around 0.75 inches and left 1.0 - 1.5 inch wide permanent stretch cavities, but with lengths similar to 9mm. The much less common .357 Sig produces similar results. The .380's cavities are narrower and shorter, with around 10 inches penetration. The power house 10mm Auto didn't live up to its hype. Permanent stretch cavities are on a par with .45 ACP, but it does. Handgun Recoil Table By Chuck Hawks. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; that is one of the physical laws of our universe At Federal®, we not only build the industry's widest variety of ammunition, we offer the leading products for every facet of the shooting sports 5.7x28mm vs. 22 Magnum 5.7x28mm vs. 22 Magnum. By BearingArms.com Staff | Sep 13, 2014 9:31 AM ET . Share Tweet . Share . Tweet . Is the 5.7×28 just a glorified .22 Magnum as some Internet.

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